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The present general conditions of sale govern the contractual relations arising from the sale of products by Pinet Industrie (hereafter referred to as the ‘Seller’) to its clients (hereafter referred to as the ‘Client’) unless otherwise stated in a separate written agreement signed by the Parties, it being understood that the Seller’s general conditions of sale take precedence, notably over any general conditions of purchase evoked by the Client.

In placing an order at the Client acknowledges that they fully accept the present general conditions of sale without reservation. Under these conditions, the Parties have agreed to the following:

The Client accepts that the information requested when entering into a contract or provided during the term of the contract may be communicated by email.

Object of the contract

The present GCS are intended to outline the contractual provisions relating to the respective rights and obligations of the Parties involved with regards to the sale of products via the e-commerce website.

Amendments to the GCS

The Seller may amend the present GCS at any time. The Client will be informed of the nature of such amendments as soon as they go online at

Any amendments made will come into force 1 (one) day after they go online on the website.

Only the GCS published on the day on which the order is placed shall apply. The Client will be made aware of such conditions when placing the order, which will not be confirmed until the Client has accepted said conditions.


General information

- The dimensions (in millimetres) and weights (in grams) given are to serve as an indication only.

- Unless otherwise stated, our general manufacturing tolerances comply with standard NF E 02-352 (normal ('n') class).

- Our commitment applies only to the technical characteristics stated in the catalogue. The dimensions stated in words and in brackets, or in figures, are theoretical and intended to serve as an indication only and are not subject to the general manufacturing tolerances.

- For specific tolerances or additional information, please contact our Sales Department.

- In the case of specific applications or uses or regulatory requirements, we would recommend that you consult the relevant bodies in the field in question or perform the necessary tests beforehand.

- The product images displayed at are not contractually binding.

- Slightly different versions of the materials referred to in this catalogue may be provided without prior warning.

- We reserve the right to make technical modifications (dimensions, design, packaging, etc.) or withdraw a given line without prior warning for the purposes of improving the products we offer.

- We would be grateful if you would bring any errors or faults you may encounter in this catalogue to our attention and share with us any comments or suggestions you may have. This information will be taken into account for future editions.

Validity period of the product offering – availability of the product when the order is placed

Stock limitations

All products ordered are subject to availability.

If the product is found to be unavailable after the order has been placed, the Seller shall inform the Client of this by email.

The order will automatically be cancelled and the client reimbursed.

Pricing - Payment

All orders placed via the website must be paid for at the time of placing the order.

Orders can be paid for by card only.

Product prices are subject to change at any moment in accordance with the Seller’s pricing policy. All products ordered will be invoiced at the price which applies at the time the order is confirmed.

Prices are stated in Euros exclusive of taxes and any shipping and packaging costs which may apply. Shipping and packaging costs may include any administrative charges which may be incurred.

VAT is also applicable in the following cases:

- when the Client’s delivery address is located within France

- when the delivery address is located outside of France and the Client does not have an EU VAT no.

Any changes in the VAT rate may be reflected in product prices.

Goods are shipped at the Client’s own risk, even in the event that prices are quoted inclusive of shipping.

Geographical areas

The offering is available in the following geographical area:

the 27 countries in the European Community

Delivery is available to the following geographical areas:

The products offered for sale via the e-commerce website can be delivered to mainland France or another of the 27 countries in the European Union.

Lead times and formalising the order

Lead times are given as a guideline only and are in no way binding.

The lead time begins once the order has been paid for in full.

Delivery methods

Purchased goods will be shipped by road.

Only one method of shipping (Express) is available for France.

For other countries, there are two possible methods of shipping (Standard and Express).

Acceptance of goods and Reservations

The Client should check the condition of the goods delivered (both externally and the content of the parcel) and that they comply with the agreement they had with the Seller.

In the event that a parcel arrives damaged, the Client should submit their reservations in writing and in full on the shipping note itself at the time of delivery.

Complaints and Guarantee

Any problems with the delivery (such as a product being listed on the order form but not included in the delivery, faulty products, etc.) must be noted when the delivery is received and at the latest 15 days after delivery.

With regards to manufacturing or compliance-related faults, the Client must inform the Seller of all such compliance-related faults.

In order to do this, the Client should use the Returns Note available in the 'My Orders' section of the e-commerce website.

It is essential that the following information be provided on the Returns Note:

- Delivery Note number

- Client contact details (company, surname, forename and delivery address)

- List of reference codes for the items ordered along with the order number and the quantities returned

- The reason for their return due to non-compliance.

This notification must be submitted within fifteen days from the date of delivery and the goods returned will only be credited once they have safely reached our warehouses. Goods will be deemed to have been received once the Client has signed the receiving slip.

In the event that the products in question are proven to be non-compliant, the Seller agrees to reimburse the cost of the product(s) concerned within 30 days once the product(s) have been returned.

The Seller’s guarantee is limited to replacing the product(s) they have acknowledged as being non-compliant or faulty without any damages or compensation for any reason whatsoever being due.

Methods and instructions for use and precautions

The Client remains solely responsible for their choice of product, of which they shall have sole use and control, taking into account the conditions of use which apply.


The Seller doesn’t supply any certificates (certificate of conformity, certificate of material, certificate of compliance, etc.) when an order is placed on line.

Contact the Seller directly for more information.

Right to withdraw

The Client-consumer, namely the individual acting on their own behalf and not in a professional capacity, has a withdrawal period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which the goods are received.

Exercising your right to withdraw does not incur any penalties.

The goods will need to be returned in their original packaging and the Returns Note referred to in the ‘Complaints and Guarantee’ section, above, placed inside the parcel.

The Client should also be aware that they may not exercise their right to withdrawal if the product is not returned as new. The Client will also be liable for the cost of returning the goods.

Intellectual property and expertise

All aspects of the Seller’s offering and their catalogue, including the presentation thereof and any illustrations, photographs and reference lists contained therein, are covered by French intellectual property law, notably with regards to databases and copyright.

The Seller’s brands and corporate names are also protected by intellectual property rights.

The Client shall refrain from using any such elements without the prior express written agreement of the Seller.

The Seller must immediately be made aware of any act of forgery, unfair competition or parasitic economic practice against the Seller brought to the knowledge of the Client so that the Seller may take any measures they may consider appropriate.


The Seller reserves the right to call upon the services of another supplier or sub-contractor of their choice for the purposes of fulfilling all or part of their obligations.

Personal data protection

The Seller may use certain information provided by the Client for solely professional purposes as part of the running of the e-commerce website. Such data will be processed in accordance with the terms outlined at the time the data is gathered.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6th July 1978, you are entitled to access and rectify any personal data relating to yourself by contacting the support service for the e-commerce website in writing at: Pinet Industrie, 9 rue de l’étang, BP 62036, 95971 Roissy CDG Cedex.


Under no circumstances can the Seller be held responsible in the event of any failure to correctly fulfil their contractual obligations attributable to the Client, notably due to a poor choice of product or an error made when entering the order.

In the event of any dispute, the Client will be required to prove that they entered their order as they claim they did, particularly with regards to the items ordered, quantities, lead times and delivery address.

The Seller cannot be held responsible or considered to have breached the present conditions in the event of any delay or failure to comply resulting from an instance of force majeure as defined by the case law of the French courts and tribunals or attributable to the Client.

Applicable law and courts of jurisdiction

The contract and the present general conditions are subject to French law and the Tribunal de Commerce (commercial court) of Bobigny (93000), France, shall have sole jurisdiction in the event of any disputes.